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Office Value and Norms

  • ​Dignity and Respect

Respect for human dignity that is implicit in all acts of justice.  

Treating others the way that you want to be treated.

  • Integrity and Leadership 

Serve the common good. Know and do what is right.

  • Building Trust

    The suspension of all opportunistic behavior. Exchange of positive relational signals.

Avoiding negative relational signals, i.e. dealing with trouble.​

The introduction fo trust-enhancing organizational policies.​​

  • Innovate on Purpose

​Constantly striving to understand customer wants and needs, especially the needs

that aren't fufilled or even recognized.

Encourage a lot of experimentation, research and investigation.

  • Accountability and Responsibility

Embrace opportunities to contribute.   Making rational or moral decisions on our

own, and to be answerable to others for our behavior. Trusted and depended on.