Published: Feb. 5, 2024 By

On Monday, Feb. 5, we canceled (a.k.a., purged) the waitlists for Spring 2024 Main Campus Boulder full-semester (Session B) classes. 

Waitlists for Western Colorado (Session BWU) classes were canceled on Jan. 29, waitlists for Boulder Law full-semester (Session BLW) classes were canceled on Feb. 2 and waitlists for Colorado Mesa (Session BMU) classes will be canceled on Feb. 12.

To request a snapshot of the students who were still on a class waitlist when it was canceled, please email The report also includes students who were waitlisted for more than one section of a class or who were waitlisted for one section but enrolled in another.

As a reminder, students who remain on the waitlist through the cancellation date lose access to the class's online materials and no longer appear on the class roster; however, they may be eligible for course reservation the next time that course is offered.

If you have a question about waitlist functionality or a particular student’s enrollment, please email

Additional waitlist cancellation dates are published on our web calendars: