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Who Received This Email?
We sent this email on Thursday, May 18, 2023, to undergraduate students who earned academic alert at the end of the semester.

Dear [first],

Your academic record has been carefully reviewed following the posting of grades for the Spring 2023 semester. You have not met the required 2.000 cumulative CU GPA minimum, therefore, you have been placed on academic alert.

Academic alert is recoverable if you take the appropriate actions. For more information, view CU Boulder’s academic standing requirements.

What Happens on Academic Alert?

A registration hold related to your academic alert status has been placed on your record.

Your unofficial transcript will show that you are on academic alert, but this will not appear on your official transcript. Additionally, you are still eligible to enroll in classes as long as you have resolved your hold(s).

If you improve your cumulative CU GPA to 2.000 by the end of your next semester of enrollment after being placed on academic alert, you will return to good standing. Students who do not earn a cumulative CU GPA of 2.000 while on academic alert will be placed on academic warning. Students can use summer to return to good standing, but summer enrollment that negatively impacts GPA will not result in academic warning.

Federal regulations require students to make satisfactory academic progress in a program of study to be eligible for financial aid. For additional information, see the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy webpage.

Your Next Steps

Review the following to learn more about your next steps:

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor/coach to map out an academic improvement plan. They will help you explore your options and assist you with the next steps to get your academic career back on the path to success. 
  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid regarding the status of your financial aid and/or scholarships.
  • Log in to Buff Portal to view your holds for more information about your status and any next steps from your college, school or program.

A student’s first semester in a new academic environment can be challenging, but we know you can be successful. Taking advantage of academic support resources is an important step towards that success.

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