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Thank you to everyone who submitted workflow edits for the 2023–24 catalog production cycle! If we didn't receive any updates for your pages, then the same people who reviewed your catalog pages last year will do so again this year. 
If your workflows are affected by any additional staffing changes this fall, please let us know by submitting a workflow update.

Getting Started

As previewed, we began kicking off the workflows for academic program pages in the 2023–24 catalog earlier this week. If you're first up in the workflow, you should have received an automated email for any page(s) ready for your review with a link to access your approval queue. If you're set up to edit/approve catalog pages but not as the first reviewer, you'll receive an email as soon as those ahead of you in the workflow have completed their review and approved the page(s).

For pages where you're updating curriculum information (e.g., program requirements, plans of study, learning outcomes), don't forget to:

  • Submit your curriculum edits through the CIM program management site. (The change type at the top of the form should be set to "Catalog.")
  • Approve both the catalog page and the corresponding CIM program revision from your approval queue. (We recommend approving both at the same time.)

Remember, the target department/unit review deadline for academic program pages is Friday, Dec. 16. View all upcoming catalog dates & deadlines

Sign Up for a Catalog/Curriculum Training Session

As shared in our last message, we’ll be holding a vendor-led virtual catalog & curriculum training session on Monday, Nov. 7 from 1–2 p.m. via Zoom. New and returning catalog reviewers are encouraged to attend!

The training will provide a high-level refresher of the curriculum update and approval process from the perspective of a catalog reviewer, including how to:

  • Locate curriculum records in CIM
  • Submit revisions for existing programs
  • Navigate CIM's automated review and approval workflow
  • Approve submitted revisions

We’ll also continue to offer our virtual catalog working sessions starting in November, which are a great opportunity for you to get one-on-one training, troubleshooting and/or advice from a member of the catalog team.

Stay Connected

If you know someone who would benefit from these periodic catalog updates, please encourage them to subscribe to our catalog news email list (follow the link, then click "Login" on the upper right to manage your subscription).

As always, if you have questions, feel free to email us at

Thank you so much for your ongoing partnership! We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming training and/or working sessions.