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Who Received This Email?
We sent this email at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022, to students who were on full privacy and were either enrolled in Fall 2022 classes or were within the allowed undergraduate leave of absence period.

Dear [first],

You elected full privacy by submitting a FERPA nondisclosure form. To protect your information, CU is required by federal law to follow strict procedures when talking about your education record.

Remember You're on Full Privacy

If you want to discuss your education record in person, you must first present a valid photo ID to confirm your identity. If you call, you must say, "I'm on full privacy, and my security passphrase is...."

Tell Your Authorized Third Parties

If you want to authorize a third party (e.g., a parent or guardian) to contact CU on your behalf, use FERPA consent to release to establish an authorization phrase for them. When they contact CU, they must say, "I'm an authorized third party and my authorization phrase is..."

Consider Potential Impacts

CU Boulder won't publish information about your honors or awards, and your name won’t appear in commencement materials.

If a potential employer or university attempts to verify your degree, CU staff must respond, "Due to data privacy policies, we are unable to respond to your request."

Change Your Privacy Status If Needed

To remove full privacy from your record, follow the instructions on our full privacy webpage.

Office of the Registrar | University of Colorado Boulder
303-492-6970 |