Published: Aug. 16, 2022 By

The Fall 2022 grade replacement process begins today with an evaluation of students’ enrollment to determine eligibility. All students who are enrolled in an eligible class will be notified via email and see a notation on the Your Classes card in Buff Portal.

Reminder: Effective Spring 2022, grade replacement is applied automatically at the end of each term for eligible courses and students.

Before grade replacement is applied to a student’s record at the end of the semester, advisors and other student support staff can view a student’s grade replacement eligibility in Campus Solutions on the 3C Summary tab in Student Center Admin View. (Instructions: Viewing Grade Replacement Eligibility in Campus Solutions.)

This is a change from previous terms, where the BOPT code on the Enrollment page indicated a student had been approved for grade replacement. 
Screen shot of 3C Summer in Campus Solutions, with example "grade replacement eligible" comment highlighted.

Eligibility will be evaluated several more times during the Fall 2022 semester on the following dates:

  • 8/24/22
  • 9/1/22
  • 9/6/22
  • 9/12/22
  • 11/28/22
  • 12/21/22 (end of term processing)
  • 1/3/23 (follow-up end of term processing)
  • 1/10/23 (follow-up end of term processing)

If a student’s enrolled class is initially evaluated as eligible, but then becomes ineligible, the student will be notified of this change. 

A student may opt out of grade replacement evaluation for a class by emailing by the last day of the semester.