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To foster diversity, equity and inclusion, CU systems allow you to indicate your gender identity, name pronunciation, preferred name, pronouns and/or sexual orientation, if you choose.

If provided, this information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Access is restricted to staff who have a legitimate educational interest and have completed student data privacy training.

Preferred name

If you go by a nickname, your middle name, an anglicized name or a name that more closely associates with your gender identity, you may add a preferred name to your student record.

Where technically and legally feasible, preferred names are displayed instead of primary (legal) names in university systems and records, and are used to identify students in the classroom and other places on campus. Preferred names are not used in external or third-party communications; however, they are visible to authorized guests using CU guest access.

Name pronunciation

Use NameCoach to record your name or provide phonetic spelling for use by faculty, staff and other students through Canvas. In the future, we plan to integrate the pronunciation tool into class listings, the campus directory and commencement proceedings.


Staff and faculty are encouraged to use your established pronouns, which they can view through their class and advisee rosters.

Gender identity

We recognize that gender is not limited to, nor always congruent with, legal sex designations. While legal sex data is required for compliance with select business processes, you may also choose to identify your gender identity. You may add, edit or remove that information at any time.

Sexual orientation

The collection and use of sexual orientation data at CU Boulder is a new and evolving practice. Campus officials will primarily use this information in aggregate to make informed, data-driven decisions related to strategic resources and student support.

Please visit our Update Your Personal Information page for more information, including whom to contact if you have recommendations or concerns.