Published: Aug. 12, 2020 By

We're in the process of evaluating and updating existing general student records data reports to include instruction mode as a standard data element.

An updated version of the Advising Grade Report is now available in production (see details below). We'll continue to notify you as additional reports are updated.

Advising Grade Report

  • Description: A report of student class enrollment, including final grades.
  • Location: CU Data Team Content > CUBLD > Records and Registration > General Student Records Data Reports
  • Filters: Term, campus, academic group, subject, catalog number, class section code, academic plan.
  • Output: Term, institution, campus, privacy flag, session, academic group, course ID, subject, catalog number, class section code, course title, instruction mode code, instruction mode long description, office grade, earned units, taken units, person ID, name, college, Boulder email, instructor.

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