Published: Jan. 29, 2020 By

CU Boulder departments now offer classes during four-, five- and eight-week special sessions during the regular fall and spring semesters. Due to their compressed meeting schedules, special session classes follow different add, drop and withdrawal deadlines than standard 16-week classes.

Please note that students who are withdrawing from a semester or session must specify which session(s) to withdraw from and which to remain enrolled in. Depending on when the form is submitted, they may have already missed the deadline to withdraw from one or more sessions. After the deadline, students with documented extenuating circumstances may request a retroactive withdrawal, but we cannot make exceptions to the deadline.

Some students have expressed confusion about special session deadlines. To help clarify this issue, we recommend adding the text below to your instructors' syllabuses. You may also choose to include the dates and deadlines for that particular session.

Add, Drop & Withdrawal Deadlines (Syllabus Boilerplate)

This is a special session class. Due to its compressed meeting schedule, it follows different add, drop and withdrawal deadlines than a standard 16-week semester class. Please carefully review the special session calendar ( and withdrawal information ( prior to making an enrollment change.