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On Friday, Dec. 27, we ran the repeat-checking process in Campus Solutions to appropriately code students who were approved for grade replacement in Fall 2019.

    At this time, approximately a dozen eligible students are still awaiting grades for their current attempt. Until the grades post, their classes will remain coded with the BOPT repeat code, which indicates they were approved for grade replacement. We'll run the repeat-checking process daily and update the repeat code once the grades are posted.

    What They Are

    After grades post for the student's current attempt:

    • The current attempt is coded with the UGRI/GRRI repeat code.
    • The most recent prior attempt is coded with the UGRE/GRRE repeat code.

    The UGRE/GRRE repeat code is what removes the student's most recent prior attempt from their GPA calculation and posts this message on their transcript for that class: "Grade Replacement (Excluded from GPA)."

    How to View Them

    Most advisors have access to view repeat codes through the student's enrollment information in Campus Solutions (Records & Enrollment > Enroll Students > Enrollment > Student Enrollment 1 tab; see screenshot below). We're currently exploring additional ways to make this information available to advisors and others, including developing grade replacement reports.

    A screenshot of the enrollment page in Campus Solutions for a specific student. In the grading section, the repeat code is listed as "UGRI."