Published: Sept. 10, 2019 By

Another useful CU-Data report this time of year is the enrolled students report (see our 8/20 & 8/27 editions for additional recommendations). To reduce confusion, our team recently consolidated multiple versions of this report into the one below.

Enrolled Students Report

  • Description: A list of currently active and enrolled students by term.
  • Location: CU Data Team Content > CUBLD > Records and Registration > General Student Records Data Reports
  • Filters: Term (required), academic career, academic program, academic plan, student ID.
  • Output: Institution, term, campus, FERPA flag, student ID, name, first generation, ACO, academic level, residency, withdrawal code, enrolled flag, current & cumulative GPA, taken & passed hours, academic career, academic program, program status, program admit term, expected graduation term, program requirement term, degree checkout status, academic plan info, email, home & mailing address.

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