Published: Aug. 27, 2019 By

Another CU-Data report that's particularly useful this time of year (see last week's edition for the first) is the enrollment monitor report.

Note: A couple minor updates to this report will migrate to production tomorrow morning.

Enrollment Monitor Report

  • Description: A list of all available courses for the specified term with comprehensive class information. Drill down to view more detailed information about the class roster (click on class number), weekly class enrollment activity (click on class section code) and details about other classes the instructor is teaching that term (click on class number, then instructor name).
  • Location: CU Data Team Content > CUBLD > Records and Registration > General Student Records Dashboards [corrected location]
  • Output: Term code, institution code, campus code, session code, class number, subject code, catalog number, class section code, primary instructor section, combined section, class start date, class end date, SSR component code, enrollment status, enrollment cap, room cap, enrollment total, percent enrolled, waitlist total, class status, class type, location, faculty ID, cancel date, person name, minimum units and maximum units.

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