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Good morning,

The 2019–20 CU Boulder Catalog is now live!

A reminder that students should refer to the degree, major and certificate requirements listed at the time they formally enter a program. To view previous years' catalogs, visit the catalog archive.

Note that any course information linked in the catalog will continue to automatically refresh with live course data in Campus Solutions.

What’s New This Year

In addition to standard review where each catalog page was edited and approved by academic departments, college/school/program reviewers, business units and/or other key stakeholders, there were a number of additional improvements implemented during this publication cycle.

A reminder of updates and enhancements to this year’s catalog:

  • We moved certain university policy sections into career-level catalogs to make this information easier for students to find.
  • We made "Faculty A-Z" more prominent in the top navigation menu, making it easier to quickly search for any faculty member. (Department faculty lists still retained on department landing pages.)
  • We added a new "Accelerated Master's" tab on all bachelor's program pages that offer a BAM option. Corresponding master’s program pages include a link back to the respective bachelor’s program pages so that students can easily reference this information from either section.
  • We added a new “Learning Outcomes” tab to all academic program pages to call out learning outcomes or learning goals. As shared previously, this tab was optional for this year, and was removed from any pages where it had been left blank during the catalog page review/approval process.
  • Our degree audit team reviewed all undergraduate degrees, minors and certificate program pages prior to publication.
  • We updated the catalog tab formatting; a "More..." drop-down option will now appear responsively on any page where tabs extend beyond a single horizontal row.

Thank You

Many thanks to every one of you who sent us your updated workflows, carefully reviewed and updated your catalog pages, attended drop-in hours, asked thoughtful questions and more over the past several months. We appreciate your efforts on this critical publication in support of student success.


Naomi Porper & Crystal Eilerman
CU Boulder Catalog Team
Office of the Registrar

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