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Now that the drop deadline has passed, class drops that require department consent may be completed using class permissions or submitted using the online special action form (SAF). Dropped 16-week classes will automatically be assigned a W grade.

You may submit drop requests without college approval until March 22. College approval is required for late drops after that date.

The online special action form is only for requests that do not require approval from the student's primary college. Departmental requests that require college approval will be denied.

Note: If the department determines that a late drop should be processed without a W grade due to university error, it must contact the student's primary college to request approval.

Processing Enrollment Changes

Departments Can Still Process

  • Adds
  • Credit-hour changes
  • Student drops (using class permissions)

Departments Can Submit Using the Online Special Action Form

  • Section changes or swaps
  • Combined class changes (e.g., WMST to SOCY of the same class)
  • Drop-backs (e.g., SPAN 2010 to SPAN 1010)
  • Drop-forwards (e.g., SPAN 1010 to SPAN 2010)
  • Drops with department consent required
  • Adds

Departments Cannot Submit Using the Online Special Action Form
(College Approval Required)

  • Drops without W grades
  • Swapping a student from a Main Campus section to a Continuing Education section
  • Grading-basis changes