Published: June 25, 2018 By

1. Batch Pre-Registration for New Freshmen – The batch preregistration for new freshmen for fall has been completed. RAPs and others will begin making some adjustments to students' schedules this week. 

2. Drop/Add Access for Fall Semester

- Admin users now have drop/add access again for fall. Note, however, that only advisors, RAPS, SASC, etc., have access to override a fall enrollment appointment during the summer (see screenshot below). This is so they can help new students with registration as needed. Please remember when enrolling students in fall undergraduate classes, you should only be doing this for incoming freshmen or transfers (or graduate students in a graduate class). You should NOT be enrolling or making schedule changes for continuing undergrad or readmitted students as the spaces currently available in classes are reserved for incoming students. And please do not submit special action forms to enroll continuing undergraduate students in undergraduate classes through August 10th as they will not be processed.

- In addition students are NOT able to waitlist for any undergraduate classes through August 10 and from August 20–23 (and so advisors and others, including those in the registrar's office, are also not able to waitlist a student in undergraduate classes).

 On the "Quick Enroll a Student" page, on the "General Overrides" tab, check the "Appointment" checkbox.

3. Registration for transfers and summer-to-fall students – Just a reminder that these students will have access to fall registration again beginning July 9 (through August 23). Their fall enrollment appointments have been updated to reflect this.

4. New and readmitted graduate and Law students continue to have access to fall registration through August 23.

5. Registration for continuing students – Just a reminder that continuing undergraduate and graduate students as well as readmitted undergraduate students are not able to register or make any changes to their schedule until August 13–17 (and they’ve been assigned an August 13–17 enrollment appointment to reflect this). Also between now and August 13, we are not running any waitlist processing to enroll students into open spaces in courses above the waitlist.

6. Reserve Capacities – We save seats in most A&S lower division general education classes, as well as a few Engineering classes, and then release a percentage of those seats prior to each new freshman enrollment period beginning July 9.  You should NOT override a closed class even though there may be seats in the class because they're being held for a future new freshman enrollment period. 

We reserve seats using "reserve capacities" (Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes). Following are some screen shots of how this looks in Campus Solutions (for illustration purposes only, not live data in CS).

In the example below, on the Enrollment Cntrl tab, enrollment cap = 28 and total enrolled = 3. So there are 25 spaces in the class.

 On the "Enrollment Cntrl" tab, the "Enrollment Capacity" field lists 28 and shows that there are three students enrolled.

On the Reserve Cap tab, 20 spaces are being held for future new freshman enrollment periods. So those registering during the next enrollment period would be able to enroll in the 5 spaces that are currently available:

 On the "Reserve Cap" tab, under "Reserve Capacity Requirement Group," the start date is 06/24/2017, the requirement group is 008835, "Future new stdnt enroll dates," and the enrollment cap is 20.

Enrollment cap (28) less number of students enrolled (3) less the reserve cap (20) = 5 spaces currently available for enrollment.


  • For classes with multiple components (lecture with associated recitation or lab for example), reserve capacities can only be entered on the lecture section (or the graded section) of the class.
  • When the number of reserved spaces (those saved for a future enrollment window) is equal to the number of available spaces, then the status on the class will show as "Closed" in class search. Also since the reserve capacity can only be set on the lecture section (or graded section) of a multiple component class, recitations and labs may show with a status of "Open" but the lecture section will show with a status of "Closed" in class search.