Please complete the following form to schedule advertising in the Buff Buses. A Transportation Services employee will contact you for I.N., check or SpeedType information. Please do not include confidential information on this form.

Receive a 10% discount when purchasing 20 or more ads

Yearly Fall, Spring & Summer Semesters
Semester (Sept-Dec) (Jan-Apr) (May-Aug)
Monthly 30 days

Rates are established based on the utilization of the size of the bus and the exposure your ad will receive. All rates listed below are for one ad per bus.

Rates listed below are effective 1/1/2023.

Bus Size University Affiliated[1] Non-university Affiliated[2]
30' $425/$175/$85 $610/$260/$125
40' $525/$205/$110 $780/$290/$145
60' $605/$240/$120 $1100/$440/$220

[1]Rates per year/semester/month (SpeedType Payment Only)

[2] Rates per year/semester/month

Ad specifications:

  • Produce on 80# cardstock, laminate and cut exactly to 17" (width) X 11" (height) including lamination edges
  • Advertisements are subject to an ethics review before posting
  • Please make checks payable to: University of Colorado
  • It is recommended that you place two ads on 60' Buff Buses for maximum exposure
  • Email questions to

The parties agree that the person completing the Agreement below are, in fact, bona fide and possess full and complete authority to bind said parties, and that this Advertising Contract is governed by the terms and conditions set forth on the Terms and Conditions of the Buff Bus Advertising Agreement.

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