The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience has several rooms that are reservable for departmental use for various activities. These rooms are reservable through the departmental scheduling server. Contact Ernie for an account. (Note: accounts are not given out freely: you must have a departmental affiliation and demonstrate reasonable need to have your own account. If you are an undergraduate wanting to reserve a room to defend your thesis, please contact Sadie Halnier in the front office.)

Room Capacity Use
D148D 4 special needs testing
D148E 4 special needs testing
D334 10 conferences, colloquia, seminars, meetings, etc.
D352 2 special needs testing
E021 15 special needs testing
E212 2 special needs testing
E214 50 conferences, colloquia, seminars, meetings, etc.
E224 14 faculty lunchroom, colloquia, meetings, testing, etc.
E317 12 small conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.
E412   UG learning space (no testing)
E414   UG learning space (no testing)
E418 25 special needs testing