Departmental Mission Statement:

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is composed of Faculty, Staff, Research Assistants, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students. Through teaching, learning, research, and community outreach, we seek to promote scholarship at the intersection of psychology and neuroscience. Driving this mission is a deep, shared commitment to improving the human condition for all people.

We believe that our mission is best accomplished with individuals who come from diverse perspectives. We strive for an environment that welcomes and values diversity with respect to all forms of personal identity, background, culture, and experience. We make active efforts to recruit, retain, and support individuals from all backgrounds throughout all levels of participation in our department. We will continue to advocate for increased representation and the diversification of perspectives within our community, with an aim to support all members of our department in their personal and professional ambitions.

We believe that education in psychology and neuroscience provides an ideal platform for the cultivation of creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication. All of these skills are crucial for the future success of our students, whether they pursue additional educational opportunities or embark directly on their careers. We are committed to implementing a range of pedagogical practices in order to support learners from all backgrounds. In addition, we believe learning is enhanced by exposing students to a diverse range of ideas through the sources we list on our syllabi, the guest speakers we engage in our classrooms, and the experts we invite for our academic colloquia. Through these mechanisms, we intend to kindle in our students the skills and intellectual receptivity that will help them to thrive in their future endeavors.

In our laboratories, we seek to conduct cutting-edge and collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries while maintaining a firm footing in psychology and neuroscience. Our scientific work spans basic science, prevention and treatment, education, and social policy. We perform this work guided by principles of ethical research, inclusion, collaboration, and communication with the public. We appreciate that it is essential to incorporate a diversity of participants and methodologies as a means to overcome the weaknesses and biases of the past. We commit to approaching our research questions and participants with humility and respect. We value and encourage those in our department who incorporate a research focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in their work, and we will support the efforts of others to increase their focus on these issues.

In order to strengthen our teaching, research, clinical work, and engagement with the community, we pledge to hear the needs and ideas of our members. We look also to our university, other educational institutions, and the broader community to better understand and implement best practices in education, research, and inclusion. We view these efforts as our ongoing responsibility and will challenge ourselves always to fulfill our mission more effectively.