Departmental Vision Statement:

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder will be recognized as one of the premier academic homes of the integration of psychology and neuroscience through our commitment to research, undergraduate education, and graduate training that all emphasize rigorous scientific methods, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a focus on the interplay between biology, brain, mind, and behavior.

Departmental Mission Statement:

The mission of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder is to strive for excellence in our research, in our training of graduate students, and in our teaching of undergraduates. Underlying these goals is a deep commitment to research and teaching that will meaningfully address the betterment of the human condition and prepare our students to be competitive in the modern academic and professional environment. 

With regard to undergraduate education, we believe that learning the science of our discipline is a perfect platform for teaching critical thinking, attention to detail, creativity, complex reasoning, principles of statistics and research methods, effective written communication, and effective oral communication. All of these skills are crucial for our students' success, whether they pursue graduate or professional school or embark directly on their careers.

With regard to graduate education, we believe that a solid foundation in research methods and data analysis is crucial to developing the ability to make strong substantive contributions in one's chosen area of research. We further believe that the future of research and teaching in psychology and neuroscience will be interdisciplinary and collaborative, so we place a strong focus on graduate training in interdisciplinary team science. 

Our research mission is to be a highly productive and nationally recognized faculty who engage in cutting edge and collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, while maintaining a firm footing in psychology and neuroscience. Finally, as faculty members we believe it is important to engage in teaching and service that utilize our strengths and mesh with and enhance our research programs.