david huber
Psychology and Neuroscience

Doctor Huber will be joining the faculty in January of 2023, although he will be working remotely for that semester. He is seeking students to apply in the current application cycle for admittance to the program for Fall 2023.

Education: PhD, University of Indiana, 2000

Research Interests: My research focuses on human perception (e.g., visual cognition) and memory from a broad-based, computational perspective. To shed light on these basic cognitive processes, we find converging evidence from behavioral studies (e.g., accuracy and reaction time measures of decision-making) and cognitive neuroscience measures (e.g., event-related potentials and fMRI) in combination with neural network and Bayesian modeling. Ongoing research topics include recognition/recall memory, testing effects, metamemory, letter/word perception, face perception, semantics, shifts of attention, and social cognition.