Published: Sept. 14, 2023

zoe donaldsonCU Psychology and Neuroscience Associate Professor Zoe Donaldson (Behavioral Neuroscience; she also has an appointment in MCDB) was in the news, with an article about some recent research of hers appearing in The Scientist. The research, published in the journal eLife, examined the effects of gene expression in Prairie Voles (which are naturally monogamous) after being separated from their monogamous partners. The researchers found that different separation durations (short vs. long) had differing impacts on the animals' gene expressions. There was little effect on gene expression in the animals that had been separated a short time, whereas the opposite was true for the longer separation animals. Genes that had been expressed during togetherness became greatly downregulated 4 weeks after separation. Read The Scientist article, and/or read the original research article in eLife.