Published: July 16, 2021

angela bryan, kent hutchison and cinnamon bidwellCU Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Angela Bryan (Social), Professor Adjunct Kent Hutchison (Anschutz School of Medicine), and Assistant Professor Cinnamon Bidwell (Clinical), co-directors of the CU Changelab, were interviewed by NBC News' Cynthia McFadden about their research on Cannabis. One interview was shown on the Today show and regarded the difficulty of doing research on a drug that's still classified as schedule 1 on the federal level despite being legalized by a growing number of states. Watch the Today show interview. (Note, they appear in the interview at approximately the 4:25 mark.) The other interview was run on NBC Nightly News and in part discussed the lab's use of a mobile-experiment van. Watch the Nightly News interview. (In this interview, the researchers appear at approximately the 1:11 mark.)