Published: Dec. 20, 2016

dimidjianCU Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Sona Dimidjian (Clinical) was in the news because of a recent publication in the British medical journal The Lancet. The research, published in collaboration with noted Indian psychiatrist Vikram Patel and other authors from around the world, studied a large sample of women in Goa, India, using a novel treatment  for depression. Their study demonstrated that lay counselors, who received 3 weeks of intensive training plus follow-up supervision, were significantly more effective at mitigating the effects of depression in client participants on a variety of measures compared to those participants who received no therapy at all. Another study coming out this week in The Lancet shows that this approach can be effective in curbing alcohol abuse as well. Professor Dimidjian is now developing a similar approach in a couple of locations in Colorado to address post-partum depression. Read the original research article, or the CU Boulder Today article.