Published: Nov. 15, 2013

CU Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Emeritus Lyle Bourne (Cognitive) and College Professor of DistinctionAlice Healy (Cognitive) are the authors of a book entitled Train Your Mind for Peak Performance: A Science-Based Approach for Achieving Your Goals published by APA Books. Read more about this volume.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Bernadette Park (Social) received a Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) Recognition Award. She was recognized for “being instrumental in leading the development and execution of the data collection and study effort behind the faculty-student mentor program. The program would not have had a base for further study without her efforts,” according to BFA Chair Paul Chinowsky. Check out a list of the other awardees.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience postdoctoral researcher Peter Grace was in the news for his publication showing that the use of morphine after abdominal surgery can increase the time to recover from the surgical pain two- to three-fold. The research, conducted in the Maier-Watkins lab with assistance from professional research assistant Erika Galer, examines the mechanism leading to this paradox. Read the CU press release.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience professor Josh Correll (Social) was interviewed by an investigative reporter for a Houston television station about the “Shooter Effect.” Check out the online article and interview.