Published: Oct. 5, 2013

CU Psychology and Neuroscience professor and Director of the Institute of Cognitive Science Marie Banich (Cognitive) has been awarded a 2013–2014 James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowship. Presented in partnership with APS, the fellowship is awarded yearly to North American university faculty committed to developing scientific research in psychology and its applications to improving human welfare. Read more about the award.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Bernadette Park (Social) was invited to be a Thomas M. Ostrom Scholar in Residence at Ohio State University this week. Check out a list of the previous recipients and read more about the honor.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience Distinguished Professor Linda Watkins (Behavioral Neuroscience) was in the popular press in an interview with Channel 7 News in Denver for her research collaboration with a local veterinarian testing a new gene therapy for addressing chronic pain in dogs. Watch the video and/or read the online article.