Published: Aug. 21, 2013

CU Psychology and Neuroscience professor Matt Keller (Behavioral Genetics and IBG faculty fellow), was in the news for a study published recently in the journal PLOS Genetics. The research attempts to explain the fact that taller people tend to be slightly smarter as well. To what extent is this determined by the environment, or different genes, or a single gene? To find out, read the CU press release, or read the original research article.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience professor Don Cooper (Behavioral Genetics, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Institute for Behavioral Genetics fellow) was in the news for a technology developed in his lab to rapidly detect and track natural carcinogens. This mobile smartphone technology, funded from a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as part of their Grand Challenges Explorations Initiative, is now being tested in Africa. Read more about the technology in the CU Connections article.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience professor Tor Wager (Cognitive) appeared in the campus news and informaton publication for faculty and staff CU Connections in their “Five questions for...” series. Read the CU Connections article.