Published: March 16, 2013

CU Psychology and Neuroscience graduate student Jason Gwinn (Social) was in the news for a paper (co-authored with Social faculty Charles Judd and Bernadette Park) on the dehumanizing effects of social power to be published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. He was interviewed about the research on the Colorado Public Radion program “Colorado Matters.” Listen to the interview. There is also a news item about the research, or read the original article.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience graduate students Jenn Felder (Clinical, mentor Sona Dimidjian), Sarah Grover (Social, co-mentors Tiffany Ito and Bernadette Park), and Mikaela Kinnear (Clinical, mentor Erik Willcutt) received grants through the Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grants program. These competitive awards are sponsored by the Graduate School to support the research, scholarship, and creative work of graduate students from all departments. Read more about the grant program.

CU Psychology and Neuroscience Distinguished Professor Steven Maier (Behavioral Neuroscience) is giving the invited Richard L. Solomon Distinguished Lecture at the meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) in March in New York City. (Notably it has been 50 years since Solomon served as president of EPA and also was one of Professor Maier’s PhD advisors.) Check out the full schedule of the convention.