2018 13th Annual Hydrologic Sciences Student Research Symposium
April 12-13, 2018
SEEC Auditorium Room 120 ​
University of Colorado Boulder, East Campus

Thursday Talks, April 12, 2018


9:00   Coffee & Muffins/Registration
9:30 John
Welcome Address
9:45 Joseph
Guest Speaker - Do Oil And Water Mix? Effects Of Oil And Gas Development On Water Quality In Colorado's Denver-Julesburg Basin
10:00 Daniel
Modeling Induced Seismicity At Greeley, CO With Fracture And Matrix Flow, Geomechanics, And Evolving Hydraulic Diffusivity
10:15 Tzahi
Guest Speaker - Treatment Of Oil And Gas Wastewater - 7 Years Of Research Experience
10:45 Ryan
Combining Ground Penetrating Radar With Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning To Observe The Spatial Distribution Of Liquid Water Content In Seasonal Snowpacks
11:00 Keith
Simulating The Nonlinear Response Of Alpine And Subalpine Snowpacks To Climate Warming
11:15 Katherine
Effects Of Precipitation Type On Streamflow Efficiency
11:30 Kelly
Self-Organized Snow In The Colorado Front Range
11:45 Katja
Guest Speaker - An Overview Of The SNOWIE Field Campaign
12:00   Lunch and Poster Session (pizza and drinks provided)
1:15 Erin
Keynote address - Pipes, Chimneys, and Processors: Examining Thresholds of Carbon Transport, Reactivity, and Fate in Inland Waters
2:15 Christa
Spatial And Temporal Analysis Of Carbon Fluxes In Glacial Meltwater Streams, Antarctica
2:30 Mike
Guest Speaker: Isolating The Driver Of A Regional Increase In Stream And Lake DOC Concentrations Via Archived Samples And Long-Term Experiments
2:45 Sarah
New Watershed-Based Climate Forecast Products For Hydrologists And Water Managers
3:00 Jennifer
Guest speaker: A Federal Perspective - Water Quality Assessment Of Wild And Scenic Rivers
3:30   15 min break
3:45 Aaron
Assessing The Impacts Of Wildfire On Sedimentation And Runoff In The Colorado Front Range
4:00 Keith
The 2017 Oroville Dam Crisis: Assessing The Role Of Rain-Snow Level And Antecedent Snowpack
4:15 Sheila
Guest speaker: Fire, Flood, And Drought: Extreme Climate Events Alter Flowpaths And Stream Chemistry
4:45   Student Raffle
5:00   End of day


Friday Talks, April 13, 2018


9:30   Coffee & Muffins/Registration
10:00 Eve-Lyn Hinckley Guest Speaker - Science-Action Partnerships to Inform Sustainable Management in California’s $62B Wine Industry
10:15 Alice Hill Rapid Assessment Of Remote River Systems To Inform System-Wide Basin Planning Approaches And Promote Environmental Conservation: A Case Study On Marañón River, Peru
10:30 Andrew Swanson Indigenizing Water Resources On The Navajo Nation: A Water Policy Analysis And Critique
10:45 Joseph Kasprzyk Toward Improved Reservoir Management Via Hydrologic Uncertainty Quantification
11:00 Cindy Paulson Keynote address - You Want To Make A Difference? Try One Water...
12:00   Lunch and Career Panel Discussion
1:15 Rebecca Barnes Guest speaker - Shifting Flow Paths: How Disturbance Drives Millennial Carbon Export
1:45 Anna Bergstrom Understanding The Ecohydrology Of A Glacierized Basin In A Rapidly Changing Climate, Wolverine Glacier Alaska
2:00 Patrick Hendrickson Addressing Arctic Aufeis As Unique And Critical Ecological Habitats
2:15 Tristan Weiss Implications Of Beaver Abandonment And Lost Floodplain Connectivity In Alluvial Mountain Meadows
2:30 Sarah Rathburn Guest speaker - By Water, Land And Air: Tracking The Fate Of 2013 Flood Sediment And Wood, North St.Vrain Creek, CO
3:00   15 min break
3:15 Brian Straight A Comparative Study Of Deep Water Sampling With An Unmanned Aerial Water Sampling System (UAWSS) To Traditional Sampling Methods: A Case Study From Dillon Reservoir, Summit County, Colorado
3:30 Abigail Connor Exchanges Of Groundwater With River Corridors
3:45 Masaki Hayashi Keynote address - Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role Of Groundwater In Sourcing The Headwaters Of The World
4:45   Student Awards, Raffle, and Closing
5:00   End of day


Poster Session - Thursday, April 12, 2018, 12:00 - 1:15


1 Ronnie
Evaluation Of Soil Moisture Data Assimilation To Improve Hydrologic Partitioning Over Agricultural Areas
2 Jordan
The Competition Between Frequent And Rare Flood Events: The Impact On Erosion Rates And Landscape Form
3 Whitney
Influence Of Current Velocity On Algal Responses To Nutrients In Poudre Watershed Streams
4 Andrew
Precipitation Thresholds For Initiating Event Water Dominated Storm Runoff Vary Across Small Headwater Catchments Of Contrasting Land Covers In Central Panama
5 Maggie
New Approaches In Soil Organic Matter Fluorescence; A Solid Phase Fluorescence Approach
6 Jonathan
Temperature Induced Changes In Snowpack Stratigraphy At Niwot Ridge, CO
7 Allan
Exploring Controls on Anomalous Solute Transport through 1-D Column and 3-D Tank Scale Experiments
8 John
Snowmelt And Rain Partitioning In The Critical Zone At Snowmelt-Dominated Sites
9 Stephanie
Seasonal Fluctuations In Tree Water Sourcing At H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest
10 Kelly
Bedforms And Blizzards
11 Ryan
StreamSurf: Estimation Of River Stage, Velocity And Discharge Using Computer Vision
12 Mazi-Mathias
Investigating Volcanic-Hydrothermal Systems In Dominica, Lesser Antilles: Temporal Changes In The Chemical Composition Of Hydrothermal Fluids For Volcanic Monitoring Using Geothermometers
13 Allison
Wildfires Cause Long-Term Shifts In Stream Nutrient Dynamics
14 John
Are Frac Fluids Getting Greener? - An Integrated Approach to Risk Analysis and Data Analytics Using the FracFocus Database
15 Ziyue
A Distributed Flood Monitoring And Forecasting System: Development And Application In China