About Us

Our academic program focuses on quantitative studies of water in the environment including its role in geologic and biogeochemical processes, ecosystem functions, and global elemental cycling. Graduate students enrolled in participating departments at University of Colorado at Boulder may apply to earn the interdisciplinary and interdepartmental Graduate Certificate or Subplan in Hydrologic Sciences.

Interdisciplinary Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect hydroscientists across campus within different departments and research organizations. The overarching goal is to support hydrologic students and bridge the gap in cutting edge research between multiple fields for advancements in water-related science.

Hydrologic Sciences Symposium

The Hydrologic Sciences Program hosts the student led Hydrologic Sciences Symposium every spring semester.


Laser light sheet illuminating sediment transport in a sediment flume.

Laser light sheet illuminating sediment transport in a sediment flume. The image is a single frame from a high-speed video (200 frames per second) acquired during an experiment mimicking the turbulence and sediment flow in rivers. Illumination of the flowing particles is from a argon-ion laser that generates a 1.5mm-thick sheet of light. Flow vectors were visualized and the force on the purple sphere was measured. The experiment was led by Mark Schmeeckle, while he was a graduate student at CU-Boulder (Department of Geography, Advisor: John Pitlick). Schmeeckle is now an assistant professor of Geography at Arizona State University, where he runs the River Dynamics Lab.