The Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program offers certificates to Masters and PhD students in ATOC, CEAE, EBIO, ENVS, GEOG, or GEOL and subplans to PhD students in ATOC, EBIO, ENVS, GEOG, or GEOL. The course requirements are equivalent for the certificate and the subplan.


Certificate Requirements

Additional requirements for Hydrologic Sciences PhD Sub-plan

  • Dissertation committee includes at least two Hydrologic Sciences faculty members.
  • Successful completion of Preliminary and/or Comprehensive Examinations, as required by the home department.
  • Successful completion of the Dissertation Defense


Applications to the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program are accepted after matriculation to a Masters or PhD program in ATOC, CVEN, EBIO, ENVS, EVEN, GEOG, or GEOL.

Application Process