Applying to the program

Students may apply for formal admission into the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program after matriculation into the graduate degree program of a participating department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Direct the application materials and any inquieries to the Program Coordinator, Sarah Rogers, at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis during the Fall 2022 semester.

Application Materials

  1. A letter addressed to the Program Faculty Steering Committee stating:
    1. Interest in the program
    2. Preference to enroll in the Certificate or PhD Subplan
    3. Statement of research interests. The Hydrologic Sciences Graduate program is research oriented and students must complete a thesis or dissertation in hydrologic sciences
    4. The department and degree program which the student is enrolled in
    5. The thesis or dissertation faculty advisor, and, if they are not a member of the Hydrologic Sciences Program faculty, the name(s) of program faculty on the student's thesis/dissertation committee
  2. A copy of undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  3. A completed application form (PDF) which includes the list of courses that the student plans to apply to the program requirements. 

Admission to the program will be based an assessment of the applicant's academic background, training and research interests.


After review of the application and formal approval by Hydrologic Sciences Program Faculty Steering Committee, the student is notified by letter that he or she is accepted into the program. The Program Coordinator will then complete forms required by the Registrar and the Graduate School to add the Hydrologic Sciences certificate or PhD sub-plan to the student's degree program. Again, direct  any inquieries to the Program Coordinator, Sarah Rogers, at