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What is a Site Coordinator?

Because the CUUB Program operates far away from where students live, the CUUB Directors cannot provide consistent in-person services for all CUUB participants beyond school visits each semester. It is vital that we have program representatives who are easily accessible to our participants for year-round, in-person support, to answer questions, offer guidance, and help students feel connected with the program.

This is where the CUUB site coordinators come in.

A CUUB Site Coordinator is a faculty/staff member at one of our partner schools or a community volunteer from the target area. CUUB's site coordinators serve as the primary liaisons between the CUUB program and the communities and schools within the target area throughout the academic year. Site coordinators help monitor CUUB student progress during the school year, help connect them with resources and implement CUUB's academic year services for students and families.

  • Recruiting new eligible students and helping them with the CUUB application process
  • Collecting and submitting CUUB Application Packets to the CUUB office
  • Administering student needs assessments for CUUB Program efficacy
  • Promoting and increasing awareness of the CUUB Program within the community
  • Helping students with their OnTrack homework assignment completion
  • Conducting meetings with students on a weekly basis regarding high school academic progress, college/career counseling, and more
  • Sending accademic transcripts of each participant to the CUUB office bi-annually
  • Assisting students, when necessary, with travel arrangements to/from the CUUB summer academic institute
  • Maintaining effective communication between the student, student's families and CUUB program's staff

Who is the Site Coordinator in my community?

 Below is a list of the current CUUB site coordinators who work at or near all of our 12 partner high schools. Note: if your community or school does not have a site coordinator just yet, please address any of your questions or concerns to the CUUB directors, Cassie or Raelene.

  • Jemez Valley High School
  • Walatowa Charter High School