The Precollegiate Development Program (PCDP) at the University of Colorado Boulder is an institutionally funded academic enhancement program serving first-generation students and families from targeted middle and high schools. It is designed to motivate and prepare first generation students in pursuit of a post-secondary education.

Through intrusive advising and proactive engagement with its participating families, PCDP is structured to ensure that students are prepared academically, personally, and socially to enroll in and be successful at any postsecondary institution of the student's choice.

PCDP works primarily with schools in the Adams County school districts but also serves select schools in Boulder County, Weld County and the Denver Public School system and is comprised of three components, middle school, high school and college bridge. Students are recruited in the 7th grade and have the opportunity to participate in the Program through high school graduation. The program sponsors year-round activities in which both student and parents can learn skills and find resources that can help them successfully navigate the public-school system and prepare them for their eventual transition to the college or university of their choice. Parents are required to participate alongside their student in all academic year activities.

Student participation in PCDP culminates with a five-week summer residential program for students transitioning into their senior year in high school. This residential experience provides the students with an opportunity to live in the residence hall on the Boulder campus, take academic course work that will enhance their academic learning at their respective high school during the following academic year, and learn more about the resources and services that should be available to them on the campus of their choice post-secondary institution. 

It is important to note that the program is offered at no cost to its participants and the students are not obligated to attend CU Boulder after their high school graduation.

In addition to the services and opportunities provided to the participants during their middle and high school years, the Program also offers those students who choose to attend CU Boulder after graduating from high school an opportunity to participate in the Precollegiate Bridge Program.  This program is open to all students who successfully complete a Precollegiate Development Program at any of the University of Colorado campuses or one of its state-wide partner programs.