The Office of Precollege Outreach & Engagement is home to several of the University’s most well established premier precollege outreach programs including the Upward Bound Program and the Precollegiate Development Program. 

The programs work with first-generation and low-income students from communities across the state of Colorado and beyond starting in 7th grade to provide comprehensive college preparatory and social development skills. These skills play a crucial role in helping the students to excel both academically and personally in their respective middle and high schools and prepare them to transition successfully to the college or university of their choice.

The programs also engage parents in the education process to provide them with the tools and strategies that will help them to support their children as they progress through the various educational transitions in preparation for post-secondary success. Through this parent engagement the programs hope to have a much broader educational impact on both the immediate and extended family.

The Office of Precollege Outreach & Engagement has also been given the responsibility to develop new programs in rural Colorado communities in an effort to broaden the university’s reach across the state and help it to fulfill its mission of being a resource to all of Colorado. Building upon the success of the Upward Bound and Precollegiate Development programs, the department and the university hope to provide precollege outreach opportunities to communities that are often ignored by institutions of higher education due to the low population density of the areas but whose children have great potential for post-secondary success. These new efforts also provide the university an opportunity to develop partnerships with local two-year institutions to provide the students a more complete picture of their post-secondary options.

The Roaring Fork PreCollegiate and Summit Pre-Collegiate programs are two of CU Boulder's long standing rural partners and their program design is being utilized as a template for future rural expansion.