High school students having fun

The Pre-Collegiate High School Program is the continuation of the Pre-Collegiate Middle School Academic Program and is designed to continue the preparation of its first-generation participants to successfully complete their secondary school career and transition to the college of their choice.  As with the middle school program, , students selected to participate in the high school program and their parents will be expected to remain active participants throughout their high school years and successfully complete the high school program in order to qualify for participation in the Pre-Collegiate Bridge program on the CU Boulder campus and/or receive the financial benefits awarded at each of the three University of Colorado undergraduate campuses. 

The Program will offer students an on-going opportunity to engage in a wide range of college preparatory activities throughout the academic year.  The academic component will offer students regularly scheduled and grade specific Saturday Academies consisting of basic study skills (i.e. effective note taking, test preparation, effective listening, etc.). Students will also be exposed to supplemental academic instruction, communication skills development, career exploration, high school transition preparation, and parent partnership workshops.

Student participation in the high school program culminates with a 5-week academic summer residential program for students transitioning into their senior year in high school. This residential experience provides the students with an opportunity to live in a residence hall on the Boulder campus while taking academic course work that will enhance their academic learning at their respective high school during the following academic year.  During this immersive residential program students will also learn more about the academic and social support resources that are available on the Boulder campus, meet with admissions and financial aid staff to learn more about academic offerings and financial aid opportunities, and build community with PCDP alum who currently attend the CU Boulder campus.  Those students who qualify for admission to the University of Colorado Boulder on the merits of their 6th semester transcripts are offered early admission in recognition of their hard work and dedication.

Although all of the materials covered during the summer program will be CU Boulder specific, the information will be presented in a manner such that the students should be able to transfer the knowledge of services and resources to whatever college or university the choose to attend after high school graduation.  The experiences and information shared by the PCDP alum is designed to assist the students to problem solve any issues that might arise in a similar fashion.