We make college possible for first-generation and low-income students. 

For nearly 40 years, CU Boulder’s precollege outreach programs have academically and socially prepared Colorado middle and high school students for college. Through partnerships around the state and beyond, these programs provide enrichment activities for students and their families. A key audience for these efforts are first-generation students who live in geographically diverse communities. 

Our programs also provide parents/guardians with the tools and strategies to support their children as they complete their high school careers and pursue postsecondary educational opportunities. Through this engagement, the programs seek to have a broader educational impact on the immediate and extended family.


Annual statistics about our programs tell a powerful story of impact.

  • 1,800 student and family participants
  • 60 middle schools and high schools
  • 10 community partners 
  • 99% of program participants graduate from high school
  • 98% attend college
  • 76% attend a four-year college
  • About 73% of these students graduate from CU Boulder each year