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The Precollegiate High School Program is a continuation of the Precollegiate Middle School Program and is designed to prepare first-generation participants to successfully complete high school and transition to college. This is part of the Precollegiate Development Program, which works primarily with schools in Adams County but also serves some schools in Boulder County, Weld County and the Denver Public Schools through its middle school, high school and college bridge programs.

Program Requirements

As with the middle school program, students selected to participate in the high school program and their parents/guardians are expected to remain active participants throughout high school. Students must successfully complete the high school program to participate in the Precollegiate Bridge program on the CU Boulder campus and/or receive the financial benefits awarded at each of the three University of Colorado undergraduate campuses. 

NOTE: Those students who qualify for admission to CU Boulder on the merits of their 6th semester transcripts are offered early admission in recognition of their hard work and dedication.

Program Benefits

  • College preparatory activities throughout the academic year. 
    • These include regularly scheduled and grade specific Saturday Academies consisting of basic study skills, such as effective note taking, test preparation, effective listening, supplemental academic instruction, communication skills development, career exploration, high school transition preparation and parent/guardian workshops about the college experience, financial aid application process and more.
  • Five-week summer residential program before senior year.
    • Live in a dorm on the CU Boulder campus
    • Enroll in academic courses
    • Learn about postsecondary opportunities
    • Discover academic and social support resources available on the CU Boulder campus, including scholarships. Note that students can apply what they learn about services and resources to whatever college or university they attend.
    • Meet with admissions and financial aid staff to learn about academic programs and financial aid.
    • Connect with program alum at CU Boulder, who share experiences and information designed to help students with issues they may face in a postsecondary program. 

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