Do you want to try something new in the classroom but you don't want to invest a lot of time sifting through the many available University resources to figure out how to do it? Tips & Tricks is for you! This is designed to be a kind of Ted talk-style presentation of a few quick & easy things you can try out in a class without redesigning your course or investing a lot of time figuring out something new. The goal is not to spark an in-depth discussion about pedagogy or course design, but instead to make it very easy for your to mix things up with some new strategies in the classroom. You can try these tips out once, decide if you like them, and develop these tactics more if they are working for you.

In this first session, it covers:

1) Discussion techniques (small groups and the puzzle model)

2) Mini-simulations (that require minimal prep on your part)

3) Current events coverage

Many of these tips include ways technology may help you in the classroom. These strategies can also help you try out on a small-scale what is sometimes referred to as a "flipped classroom".


Tips & Tricks for Teaching, Session 2 on Recorded Lectures


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