The Graduate School Awards and Grants website is an excellent source of information about CU Boulder and regional grants and awards for which students may directly apply including the Cynthia H. Schultz and Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grant Funds, Graduate School Student and GPSG Travel Grants, Graduate School Dissertation Completion Fellowship, and the Graduate Student Emergency Aid Fund.

The National Fellowship Opportunities website provides links to information on many major national fellowships available for graduate study. Additional information on fellowships may be obtained through career counseling offices, or from directories of funding sources, such as the Annual Register of Grant Support and The Grants Register, in university libraries. 

Please be aware that any financial awards may affect your student loan package and/or work-study eligibility. It is your responsibility to check in with the Office of Financial Aid regarding your specific situation.

(If you are planning to attend a conference, but do not have an acceptance letter/email yet – you should still apply! Contact for further details on this special circumstance.)

Travel Funds to Attend Professional Meetings and Conferences

Three application forms for conference travel funding are posted to this site: The Graduate School Student Travel Application, GPSG Travel Grant Application, and The Political Science Graduate Student Travel Request Form. All forms include instructions and guidelines.


Graduate School Student Travel Grant

The Graduate School Student Travel Grant has three application cycles per year for domestic (including Mexico and Canada) and international (excluding Mexico and Canada) travel:

More Details

Note: The Graduate Program Assistant is the Department Travel Liaison on the Graduate School application.


GPSG - Graduate and Professional Student Government

For full details on applying or the Grants themselves, please go to where more information can be gained! Additionally if you have any individual questions, our Director of Finance, Lange Simmons, can be reached at We look forward to seeing your application and helping with your academic endeavors!

The United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS) awards funding (up to $300) to individual graduate students each academic semester to support travel to academic conferences, meetings, or other events related to the student's studies. Students are eligible to receive travel aid only once in their tenure as a CU Boulder graduate student. This allows more students a chance to get funding.

GPSG Travel Grant Application.


Political Science Graduate Student Travel Request Form

The Department of Political Science has limited funds available to partially support travel expenses of graduate students attending professional meetings to present a paper or poster. Applicants must complete and submit the form along with written evidence of acceptance in the panel or symposium.


  • If you apply to the department for funding, you MUST also apply to at least one of the above other pools, and preferably both.
  • If you win funding from the Graduate School or GPSG, you may also receive it from the department, even if for the same conference.
  • The only major restriction is that you cannot receive department funding twice in the same academic year, even if for two different conferences.  Also, if you apply late in the year, please note that departmental funds may be exhausted.

Travel Request Application (PDF)

Please return completed forms to the Graduate Program Assistant and feel free to ask questions.

The Department of Political Science biannually awards grants to current political science graduate students to fund activities that enhance training and research. Student can use these funds in one of three ways: 1) off-site training programs and workshops (such as ICPSR, EITM, and CQRM): 2) small grants intended for pre-comprehensive exam research, data collection, and field work; and 3) large grants for dissertation work.

Graduate Research Grant Information and Application Forms