Published: Aug. 2, 2018


Dispute"After an astonishing 27 years at odds, in June, Macedonia and Greece reached a dramatic breakthrough in negotiations over what’s known as the Macedonia naming dispute. The dispute was, yes, over the former Yugoslavian nation’s name — but over much more as well, as we’ll see below. And after all that time, the June agreement solved the dispute simply: by renaming Macedonia as the 'Republic of North Macedonia.'

What was at stake here — and why did resolving it take nearly three decades? Examining the long and complicated process can teach us a few practical lessons about international mediation."


A recipeint of the 2018 Van Ek Award and one of three presenters at the MPSA Conference, Danilo Gjukovikj continues to make his mark in the CU community. Read his analysis on how Greece and Macedonia recently resolved their decades-long dispute. Finish reading his publication in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage here. The department extends their congratulations in his success.