Published: April 12, 2018

On April 5th-8th three CU Boulder students presented at the 76th annual Midwest Political Science Association conference. The conference took place in Chicago, Illinois, and gives students an opportunity to show off their own research. To present their research each student made posters jam packed with information. In order to participate, each applicant must submit a proposal to the heads of the 2018 program committee. Danilo Gjukovikj, Corrinne McKenna, and Emily Schweitzberger each made the cut! Come check out the students' research posters in the first floor lobby of Ketchum. 

"Taxes and Welfare: Post-Communist Experiences with Market Transition in Macedonia and Croatia"

He's on a full scholarship from the Macedonian government and was recently notified that he's getting the Arts & Sciences Van Ek award. He had PACE funding from the University of Colorado to attend the conference. This is a project that he's been working with Dr. Sarah Sokhey on about institutional quality and social policy (how corruption influences healthcare and education policy).


"The Possibility of Reunification of Ireland and Northern Ireland as a Result of Brexit"

Had UROP funding to travel to Ireland and research the possibility of Irish unification in the context of Brexit with mentorship from Dr. Sarah Sokhey. She also received PACE funding to attend the conference. 


"Democratic Backsliding in Europe"

She received UROP and PACE funding to attend the conference, worked with Dr. Sarah Sokhey on coding news articles about parties' positions in countries like Hungary and Turkey which have been thought to be backsliding on democracy.