The uniform shoulder patch for sworn members of CUPD.The University of Colorado Police Department (CUPD) receives numerous requests for CUPD uniform patches from the public, collectors and law enforcement agencies. Due to security concerns, we are unable to provide patches to the general public.

Requests for patches will only be honored for law enforcement agencies that agree to use the patch for public or professional display. Public or professional display would include, as examples, secure patch boards for viewing in public access areas of another agency; or, professional displays wherein the patch is secured in a display in a designated law enforcement office or work space. All requests for patches on behalf of an agency must be received on department letterhead signed by the requesting department’s Chief of Police or designee. 

Patch requests from sworn law enforcement agencies within the United States can be submitted on official agency letterhead and mailed to:

Doreen Jokerst, Chief of Police
University of Colorado Police Department
1050 Regent Drive, UCB 502
Boulder, CO 80309