The University of Colorado Boulder Police Department is a full-service police department with divisions similar to a municipal department, as well as some divisions not typically found in a municipal department. 

These divisions include Operations, which is comprised of patrol, investigatoins, residential service officers (RSOs), community safety officials (CSOs), property and evidence and two embedded positions - a licensed mental health clinician and a victim advocate.

The Support Services division includes communications (dispatch) and the records department.

The Professional Standards division inclues recruitment and hiring, internal affairs, training and accreditation.

The Events and Emergency Management division includes the emergency management unit and the events team.

The Administration division includes information technology, finance and human resources, as well as project management.

CSOs and RSOs 

The uniform of our Community Safety OfficialsOur Community Safety Officials (CSOs) provide professional staff security services for special events, in select buildings, and provide door lock monitoring services.

Our Residential Service Officers (RSOs) support our residential community, providing education and appropriate enforcement on lower-level violations in residence halls. 

The University of Colorado Boulder Police Department is also home of the University’s Emergency Management division. Working under the emergency manager, and side by side with the emergency management division, is the event security team. The campus is host to many special events every year, both large and small. The event security team are personnel who are dedicated to the security planning and successful completion of those events.