Officers and firefighters participate in active harmer response trainingCUPD officers respond to all reports of crime on campus and on other properties owned and operated by the university. The appropriate local jurisdiction responds to all other reports of crime occurring off campus (e.g., the Boulder Police Department responds to crimes elsewhere within the city of Boulder). CUPD maintains excellent working and mutual aid relationships with other law enforcement agencies and will coordinate responses to crime when appropriate.

CUPD recognizes the importance of maintaining close and cooperative working relationships with the Boulder Police Department, the Boulder County Sheriff's Department, and the Boulder County District Attorney's Office. CUPD routinely meets with these departments on a formal and informal basis and on specific issues as the need arises. CUPD also conducts joint training exercises with these departments and other state and local emergency service providers on a regular basis.

These law enforcement departments share a computer-aided dispatching system and other information systems to track offender criminal histories and arrest information, and they share crime trend information as well. CUPD has direct lines of communication with these other departments, which allow for fast, efficient coordination when necessary.