At the University of Colorado Police Department, we believe that diversity at every level of our organization will help us to better serve our community.

Therefore, we are dedicated to building a culture of inclusivity where our people feel safe expressing different viewpoints, life experiences and workstyles. Inclusion is a crucial part of building a workplace where our members’ contributions are valued at all levels of the organization, so we can best fulfill our mission of public safety and service.

CUPD has a dynamic corps of employees with diverse backgrounds, unique skills and capabilities and vast knowledge and experience. The talent, dedication and integrity we possess inside our department is evident as we launch new initiatives and engage with our campus community, delivering high-caliber safety and prevention programs to our students, faculty and staff.

We embrace the diversity that our team members bring to every interaction with both the CU Boulder and broader community, and we feel that our differences in age, race and ethnicity, family and marital background, gender identity and expression, language, political affiliation, religion and socioeconomic status serve to enrich the department.

We are committed to continuous growth and development and offer an ever-evolving slate of professional and personal development opportunities to help our team members manage their careers and the intersection of their work and family lives. We lead with integrity, compassion and respect for one another and for those who rely on us for their safety and we expect respectful communication and cooperation among all members of the department.

We are committed to treating everyone with respect, dignity and fairness without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or socioeconomic status. We do not and will not tolerate discrimination.