John Cary Portrait

Office: DUAN F821

Research Interests:

My research is in plasma and accelerator physics, especially as analyzed by nonlinear dynamics and advanced computational methods (massively parallel, object oriented). I'm working on applications to accelerator lattices and instabilities, advanced acceleration concepts, transport in fusion plasma confinement systems, plasma turbulence.

Selected Publications:

  1. Ariniello R, Doss CE, Lee V, Hansel C, Cary JR, Litos MD. "Chromatic transverse dynamics in a nonlinear plasma accelerator." PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH. 4 (4) (November 21, 2022): ARTN 043120. 

  2. Werner GR, Robertson S, Jenkins TG, Chap AM, Cary JR. "Accelerated steady-state electrostatic particle-in-cell simulation of Langmuir probes." PHYSICS OF PLASMAS. 29 (1) (January 01, 2022): ARTN 013502. 

  3. Sampath A, Davoine X, Corde S, Gremillet L, Gilljohann M, Sangal M, Keitel CH, Ariniello R, Cary J, Ekerfelt H, et. al. "Extremely Dense Gamma-Ray Pulses in Electron Beam-Multifoil Collisions." PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS. 126 (6) (February 12, 2021): ARTN 064801. 

  4. Ullmann D, Scherkl P, Knetsch A, Heinemann T, Sutherland A, Habib AF, Karger OS, Beaton A, Manahan GG, Deng A, et. al. "All-optical density downramp injection in electron-driven plasma wakefield accelerators." PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH. 3 (4) (December 08, 2021): ARTN 043163. 

  5. Jenkins TG, Werner GR, Cary JR. Dispersion and the Speed-Limited Particle-in-Cell Algorithm. Physics of Plasmas 28, 062107 (2021);