"The Frontiers of Particle Theory"

June 3 - 28, 2024

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Lecturers and Topics

  • Vincenzo Cirigliano (INT/Washington) | The Subatomic Realm: Standard Model and Beyond
  • Zohreh Davoudi (Maryland) | Quantum Computing for Quantum Field Theories
  • Valerie Domcke (CERN) | Discovery Opportunities with Gravitational Waves
  • James Halverson (Northeastern) | Physics4ML
  • Stefan Hoeche (FermiLab) | From Amplitudes to Cross Sections
  • Lloyd Knox (UC Davis) | The Invisible Universe: LambdaCDM and Beyond
  • Shirley Li (UC Irvine) | Neutrino Physics in the Era of Data
  • Matthew McCullough (CERN) | In Pursuit of New Paradigms
  • Patrick Meade (Stony Brook) | Accelerating into the Future
  • Ian Moult (Yale) | Conformal Field Theory for Particle Physics
  • Benjamin Nachman (LBNL) | Machine Learning at Colliders
  • Julio Parra-Martinez (British Columbia) | Scattering Amplitudes and Effective Field Theory
  • Katelin Schutz (McGill) | Astrophysical Probes of Fundamental Physics
  • Phiala Shanahan (MIT) | Lattice Gauge Theory: Applications and Advances
  • Ken Van Tilburg (NYU/Flatiron) | Dark Sectors and Small Scale Experiments
  • Christoph Weniger (Amsterdam) | Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Tien-Tien Yu (Oregon) | Dark Matter: Evidence and Opportunities
  • Jure Zupan (Cincinnati) | Precision Probes of High-Scale Physics

Scientific Organizers: Nathaniel Craig (UC Santa Barbara), Tongyan Lin (UC San Diego), Jesse Thaler (MIT)

Local TASI Organizer: Ethan Neil

The program will consist of a pedagogical series of lectures and seminars. Lectures will be given over a four-week period, three or four lectures per day, Monday through Friday. The audience will be composed primarily of advanced theoretical graduate students. Experimentalists with a strong background in theory are also encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to applicants who will not have received their Ph.D. before 2024. The minimum background needed to get full benefit of this TASI is a knowledge of quantum field theory and some familiarity with the Standard Model and issues beyond it. We hope to provide some subsidy, but students will need partial support from other sources. Rooms, meals, and access to all facilities will be provided at reasonable rates in beautifully located dormitories at the University of Colorado.

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As per the laws of the State of Colorado and the policies of the University of Colorado Boulder, all registrants should hereby be aware that some portion of the registration fee will be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

TASI is supported by the University of Colorado, Boulder and The National Science Foundation.