Travel Arrangements:

Invited speakers are encouraged to coordinate travel arrangements through the Colloquium Travel Coordinator. Airline tickets and/or lodging accommodations coordinated through CU will be direct-billed to the University; all other travel-related expenses shall be reimbursed as outlined below.

International visitors: Please contact the Colloquium Travel Coordinator for information required for reimbursements prior to travel. Please be aware that there are tax consequences for non-compliance with required procedures. All international visitors must enter the US on a business visa and provide supporting documents.

Covered/Reimbursed Expenses:

Round Trip Airfare to/from Denver: To book a flight directly through CU, contact the Colloquium Travel Coordinator with your preferred airline, itinerary or dates/times of travel, and any special considerations. A Travel Authorization will be issued and the Coordinator will work with the University travel agent to generate a draft itinerary, which will only be booked once approved by the traveler. The expense will be direct-billed to CU.

Ground Transportation to/from Boulder: The Boulder Super Shuttle takes travelers directly from/to DIA and any Boulder Hotel. No reservations needed traveling to Boulder. Shuttles depart as available. Passengers are asked to pick up their luggage and proceed to the shuttle counter to purchase tickets and be waitlisted for the next shuttle. Service is often irregular after 10 PM so if you are arriving late, please call ahead to check availability.

Reservations are required in order to return to DIA. Please call 800 258-3826 for more information or go online through the link above.

The RTD Skyride buses go hourly to Boulder and stop at the University and the Boulder Transit Center (BTC) downtown. The $9.00 fare must be paid in correct change, if paying on the bus. You may also purchase a $9 pass at designated RTD kiosk using a credit/debit card. The latest departure for Skyride from DIA is at 11:25 PM. From BTC, passengers may transfer free (request transfer from the Skyride driver) from the Skyride to the JUMP bus to a stop at Arapahoe and 28th Street - one block away from The Millennium Hotel. If you would like to walk from the Skyride to The Millennium (1.5 miles), you may either walk through the campus from Euclid and Broadway, along Arapahoe, or the along the Boulder Creek Path to the hotel. Ask the Driver to stop at Arapahoe and Broadway.

If you are arriving very late or need your own transportation in Boulder, we can arrange a rental car if needed. Contact the Colloquium Travel Coordinator to make arrangements. CU has discounts in place for rental cars only if reserved through our programs and we will not reimburse for other rentals.

  • Lodging: Contact the Colloquium Travel Coordinator with your travel dates and any special considerations. A hotel reservation will be made for you. Accommodations including breakfast will be provided at a nearby hotel, usually The Millennium Harvest House (if available). You will receive a confirmation number and the hotel address/contact information from the Colloquium Travel Coordinator. The room expense will be direct-billed to CU.
  • Meals: Any meals not provided by a local host (up to eligible per diem) will be reimbursed.

Please note: Any other travel-related expenses not listed here will require approval by the Colloquium Travel Coordinator before being considered for reimbursement.

Directions from DIA to Boulder:

If you rent a car - Driving time between DIA and Boulder is approximately 60 to 90 minutes. From DIA, follow Peña Boulevard (10 miles) south to I-70, and exit onto I-70 west. Follow I-70 west to I-270 west. I-270 merges into U.S. 36 west and takes you west into Boulder (about 23 miles). U.S. 36 turns into 28th Street in Boulder.

Submitting for Reimbursement:

You may obtain a reimbursement form directly from the Colloquium Travel Coordinator during your visit to CU by coming to the Department of Physics main office - or you may print the Non-Employee Reimbursement Form. Please complete the relevant information, sign and date. All other information will be completed by the Colloquium Travel Coordinator.

Send signed form and original receipts to:
Colloquium Travel Coordinator
Department of Physics
390 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0390

Important: The reimbursement form and receipts must be submitted within 30 days of travel. Reimbursement submissions must conform to the University's travel policy. Original receipts are required by the University. E-mail receipts are accepted for airline tickets booked independently.