Together with the colleges with which our students are affiliated, The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and The College of Arts and Sciences, The Department of Physics stands in solidarity with all those who recognize and oppose longstanding inequities and systemic discrimination and pledges to take active steps to advocate for and create a safe, just, and equitable future.

In light of increasing discrimination and attacks against people of Asian descent, the Department of Physics endorses the recent statement by the Chancellor.

In 2021, Boulder County was rocked by two horrific events: the mass shooting that took place on Monday March 22 in Boulder and the Marshall Fire that occurred on December 30 and spread across Louisville and Superior. The Department of Physics expresses our sympathy and condolences to all of the victims of these tragic events.

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis in the center of Europe. Like the general citizenry, scientists in Ukraine and Russia are strongly affected by the unfolding events. Many Ukrainian scientists are displaced or isolated from the international community and fear for the safety of their families and themselves. Russian scientists find their dissent repressed. The Department of Physics joins scientists in the international community to decry violence as a replacement for diplomacy, to express our sympathy and solidarity with colleagues in these countries, and to demand peace in Europe. 

Campus community members who would like support to help deal with these acts of violence or environmental catastrophe, please reach out to campus resources including the Office of Victim Assistance (OVA), which offers 24/7 phone support for students, faculty and staff; Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS), which offers 24/7 phone support for students; and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP).