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About the Course

PACS 3860 focuses on the environment as a source of conflict in international and intranational contexts. Considers natural resource scarcity and extraction as causes of conflict and violence, the growing phenomenon of climate-change-induced migration, as well as the effects of war on the environment. Prospects for conflict intervention involving multiparty stakeholders, international cooperation, and environmentally sustainable development practices are explored as methods for resolving these situations.

It is recommended that students have completed PACS 2500 and/or PACS 3700 before taking this course.


PACS 3860 Syllabus from Fall 2020.

Class Attributes

  • This course counts for Arts & Sciences General Education: Distribution-Social Sciences

  • This course counts under Functional Area I for International Affairs Majors

  • This course counts as an elective for students registered for the PACS Certificate


  • This course is offered in person spring term.